Construction Waste: Types to Expect and How Junk Removal Helps

Building construction will generate a lot of waste material, no matter what kind of job you tackle. Getting rid of this waste yourself will add several days to your project and cost you and your clients extra money on labor costs. Fortunately, a junk removal company can help you manage your construction waste and prevent it from becoming a hassle.

The following materials are the most common types of debris you’re likely to see on a construction site, and a junk removal company can help you with each of them.


Concrete and Bricks

When you construct a new building, you’re likely to have a lot of leftover concrete and bricks. Some of this material may be the extra construction supplies that were ordered in case a builder makes a mistake. Unfortunately, those extra items are likely to get in the way after you finish the building process.

Thankfully, high-quality junk removal can remove these materials from your site as you build, keeping your work site clutter-free. These professionals can then take leftover brick and concrete to a cement facility that can recycle them for new building materials.


Drywall and Plastics

Most construction projects will utilize a high volume of drywall and plastics to build sturdy and reliable walls. These materials – made of gypsum ingredients – may trip up you or your workers when they get underfoot. And since most of these materials are quite light, they may even blow away in the wind on a stormy day.

Even worse, this type of synthetic building material may cause fines if your site gets too filled with debris. Junk removal helps you avoid these fines by keeping this construction waste out of wilderness areas, such as lakes and ponds. Recycling plastic is also beneficial to the environment — because it comes from a limited resource, fossil fuels – and helps make your construction job a little more green.


Tree Debris

If you had to clear an unfinished lot before you built your new building, you might end up with tree debris that needs to be cleaned up. For example, you may have branches trimmed from trees overhanging your building lines, large logs left over from tree removal, and even thick stumps that must be taken away from your property.

A junk removal company can help you out in this situation by taking these natural items to a wood production facility, such as a saw mill. These centers will take your branches, leaves, and stumps and turn them into lumber, paper, other building materials, and a variety of other paper-based products.


Leftover Design Elements

A well-designed building will utilize elements such as doors, windows, electrical wiring, wood flooring, carpeting, asphalt, and much more. After you finish with your building project, you may have some of these items left over that need to either be hauled away and reused for another project or disposed of as junk by a junk removal expert.

Even if you decide to hold on to these items after building, a junk removal expert may still help save you money. For example, they can gather up the materials for you and take them back to your firm, where you can store them for future projects. This step will save you time and energy and get you back home more quickly after you’re done for the day.


Help is Available for You

If you need help removing any of these types of debris from your building site, please contact Afford A Dumpster to learn more. We can help you pick out a dumpster that suits your needs, and we will pick up your junk to ensure that your site is clean and safe.

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