How to Make the Most of Your Dumpster Rental

Every home improvement project produces some waste. The amount of garbage produced becomes overwhelming if the project involves stripping the room to its studs. You can bag up the debris and carry it to a landfill, but this process takes time and energy. Dumpster rentals are the perfect solution. Consider a few ways to make the most of any rental.

Choose the Correct Size

Estimate the amount of debris that needs removed. A 10-yard dumpster holds 10-cubic yards of waste material. Compare this amount with the 2.5 yards of material that the average full-size pickup truck bed can hold. Do not try to overload a dumpster, since the service will not be able to remove an overflowing dumpster.

Many people also include more in their dumpster than initially intended. Homeowners commonly toss in items from other rooms or to decide to clean out an attic or basement while the dumpster is on the property. You may want to choose a larger size than planned to guarantee enough room.

Avoid Wasted Space

Furniture, cardboard boxes, and other items can fill the space faster than expected. Break down all cardboard and take apart items whenever possible to avoid any gaps. Do not climb into a dumpster to pack down the material because this can result in an injury. Always flatten the items before they go in the bin.

Follow the Instructions

Do not try to sneak prohibited items into the dumpster. The companies often sort the material they bring back to their facility for recycling purposes, and they will discover the items. The dumpster company can supply a complete list of what they do not allow. Any deviation from the rules could result in extra charges.

Consider the risk to people near the dumpster or at the rental company. Hazardous chemicals that spill into the container and mix could produce deadly fumes. Heat and movement could cause some items to ignite. Spilled liquids could injure people as they empty the dumpsters and result in burns, lung damage, and more.

Avoid Indiscriminate Use

The best use of the available space happens through careful organization. Doing this may take a little extra time, but homeowners will fit much more in a dumpster if they plan carefully. Large items should go in first, with smaller debris tucked into the spaces around the bulky pieces. The disposal plan does not have to be perfect, but some extra effort can make a big difference.

You may want to complete multiple cleaning projects while the dumpster is rented, but be cautious about what goes into the bin. The weight adds up quickly with some items and the rental may cost more than people expect.

Most metal scrappers will happily retrieve old appliances and their help can save money since many common appliances weigh 100 to 200 pounds each and take up a lot of room in the dumpster. The effort to drag them into the dumpster can also be more than some homeowners can safely carry out.

Yard waste is relatively lightweight but bulky items like bags of leaves or piles of trimmed branches can take up a large section of the dumpster. A better choice is to use the products as mulch or contact the local sanitation department. Many municipal waste removal departments now accept yard debris to create their own mulch.

Dumpsters make it much easier to rid a property of yards of old linoleum or the stacks of junk left behind by a previous owner. At Afford A Dumpster, we have bin sizes adequate for nearly any project. We offer on-time deliveries and retrievals, and we work with our customers to choose the best spot for the bin. Contact us for advice or to rent a dumpster for your home.

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