Things to Consider When Renting a Construction Dumpster for Your Project

Construction dumpsters or roll-off containers are an affordable solution to removing trash or unwanted debris from a construction site or cleaning out the attic at home. Available in many sizes, dumpsters can offer many benefits, but first, you need to understand the requirements involved before you get started.


Determine the Size Needed

Construction dumpsters come in many different sizes, starting at 10 yards up to 40 or 50 yards, depending on the company offering the dumpsters. The size dumpster you need to rent may be hard to determine.

For example, paying for a 40-yard dumpster when you only need a 10-yard dumpster can have a significant impact on your budget. You may need a representative from the dumpster company to come and evaluate the situation, then recommend a dumpster size.

Weight can be a factor in the rental as well. The material you load into the dumpster may be heavy, and the dumpster company may recommend a larger dumpster for the strength or rigidity of the container.

The dumpster also needs to fit the space available for it to sit. You probably should not assume you can get a 40-yard container on-site. Measure the area, and let the rental company know what you have available to work with.


Get the Right Permits

If you have limited space for the dumpster, you might be able to put it on the road in front of the property where you work. Many cities make allowances for placing dumpsters, but most cities require a permit to do so. Have the permit before placing the container to avoid paying a fine or having to remove the container from the road.

Obtaining permits is not typically difficult, and the fees for the permit may be very low. Some cities do not charge at all for the permit but do require you to follow some specific guidelines while using the space for your dumpster. Contact your local municipal building department or highway department to inquire about right-of-way permits.


Understand the Cost and Pricing

Depending on the dumpster rental company you work with, several things can affect the cost of the dumpster rental. The most common fees on construction dumpsters are broken into three parts.

Haul Rate

The haul rate is the basic rate that the company charges to bring you a container, place it on your site, and haul it off after it is full. This money covers the operation of the company and keeps them in business.

Dump Rate 

The dump rate is the cost the company pays to dump your trash at the landfill or transfer station. The rate is based on the weight of the material in most cases.

The company records the truck and container weight empty (tare weight) so when the truck comes in full, it crosses the scale to determine load weight (gross weight). The empty weight is subtracted from the load weight to determine the weight of the material (net weight). The fee for dumping the material is set by the weight and is paid to the landfill or transfer station.

Overage Fee

The overage fee only comes into play if the customer overloads the dumpster. While the container may be a 10-yard container, containers also have a tonnage limit on them.

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