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24/7 haul now offers roll off container services! Whether you are looking for 10, 15, 20 or 30 yard roll off container, we have the best prices in the area.

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Our professional clean team will arrive, review our pricing policy, provide an immediate, no obligation estimate and then start loading the items you specify.

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Recycling And Disposal

Affordable Dumpster Rentals is passionately committed to the environment and proud of its reputation as an advocate for residential & commercial recycling. Where possible we recycle materials, computers & electronics (mandated by law in most states) paper, plastics, and other materials that can be broken down and recycled. We also will take items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, vehicles, in good condition to one of our many charitable organization partners.

We recycle up to 70% of what we pick up,
saving tons of waste from local landfills.

DIY Rentals & First Hand Clean-Ups

Dumpster Do’s & Don’ts

Before you rent, learn the do’s and don’ts of dumpster rental!

Dumpster Do's

  • DO be prepared! Plan in advance, think of what you want to dispose. Large items take up more space; where as lots of smaller items make the dumpster heavier.
  • DO make space! Where you would like the dumpster placed to allow for maximum access. Are there any low overhead wires or tree limbs? Make sure you have room for a dumpster. Will you need to open the back door of the dumpster?
  • DO position your dumpster on a hard flat surface to avoid damage. If you are concerned about rain or snow getting into the dumpster, ask us about a plastic tarp that will fit over the dumpster and keep the weather out.
  • DO keep safety in mind while loading your dumpster. Handle items carefully and make sure to have enough help to avoid dangerous accidents or physical harm.

Dumpster Dont's

  • DO NOT overload your dumpster. When loading a dumpster items must be level with the sides of the dumpster.
  • DO NOT place any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, chemicals, paints or liquids of any kind in to the dumpster.
  • DO NOT request to have a dumpster delivered that would involve our trucks driving on or across your lawn. Only the dumpster itself may be placed on the lawn. This will probably damage your lawn. We are not responsible for this damage.
  • DO NOT attempt to move the dumpster. If you need to move the dumpster, please call customer services and we will move the dumpster for you.

“I have used this company on several occasions for renovations and they always have been excellent with customer service and pricing.”

– Jessica S.

“This was exactly what we needed. My Husbands and I remodeled our kitchen and had it completely gutted. We set up a time for the dumpster to be dropped off and they showed up on time and put it exactly where we wanted it. Two weeks later we gave them a call to pick it up and it was gone by the time I got back from work. Great service, on time, and plenty of room in the dumpster for what we needed it for!”

- Donna R.

“I recently bought a house that had a large decayed barn in the back. The barn was too dilapidated to save so I decided to have it demoed. I called Afford-A-Dumpster and scheduled a drop off for the dumpster to placed as close to the barn as possible. They showed up on time and we determined the best place for the dumpster to go. Once the barn was demoed and placed in the dumpster, I called for them to pick it up and they were able to get it the next day. I would definitely use their services again.”

– Carrol M.

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We offer free estimates for all of our services.
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